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Answer the following by clicking any of the two radio buttons.
1. What is the title of the latest disney classic that will be shown in year 2000 ?   Tarzan   Fantasia 2000
2. Which Nokia Model has the capability to compose musical notes ?   Nokia 6150   Nokia 3210
3. A desktop settings where in you can change the display while the computer is idle ?   Wallpaper   Screensaver
4. Who is the director of Starwars Episode 1 ?    George Lucas    James Cameron
5. What does MIDI stands for ?   Musical Instrument Digital Interface
  Musical Internet Dynamic Interface
6.What is the file extension for a java applet ?   .app   .class
7. When downloading games what shortcut keys will you click ?   Save image as   Save target as
8. Which web graphics is the best to used when linking to other page ?   Bars   Buttons
9. The usual diskspace of MP3 file is ?   Giga bytes   Mega bytes
10. Pokemon is short for what ?   Pocket Monsters
  Pop-up Monsters

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