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Best viewed in 800 by 600 pixels desktop size
Timberland Fissure, price: $65
Timberland Fissure, price: $65

Just select the game you want then click "download now"

Need some unzipping assistant click here to download the latest version of winzip 7.0


Title Game Game Description To download
Aldo This games enabled the user to manipulate the game while you are on DOS mode a must play games for both young and old. Download Now filesize=60kb
Donkey Kong Superb games brought to you by Nintendo , great sound and very challenging can modify different levels, The only rule is just get the princess before the barrel gets you. Download Now filesize=267kb
Galaxian Very classic game from atari that makes the whole family entertain. Just hit the bugs from outerspace as much as you can then you win the gold. Download Now filesize=40kb
JumpBump This cute game has a very unique graphic that enabled the user to play in a graphical user interface while its on DOS mode. Just help the bunny go to the finish line and your off to the next level. Download Now filesize=347kb
Mario VGA Not the typical mario that you want but much easier to play just go to the pipe and Voila you win just dont hit the oils or else. Download Now filesize=47kb


Driver Description To download
Win 95 driver Windows 95 Video Driver Download Now filesize=22kb


Software Description To download
WsFtp FTP uploader of files that you want to upload on the internet Download Now filesize=343kb
Desktask Desktask is an application that provides you with proper manipalution about your task manager automatic will install in your window tray after startup Download Now filesize=18kb
Hook 99 Hook 99 enables you to change your start button to any image that you want. It also enables you to change your minimize, maximize and close button for more customized touch. Download Now filesize=23kb
Iview310 Image browser includes thumbnails of all the image in a single folder plus you can add text , change color or even play animation. Download Now filesize=459kb
Winzip7.0 Winzip 7.0 enables to unzip all your internet downloaded files Download Now filesize=922kb

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